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Shelter Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm

Saturdays 10am to 4pm   



Crawford County Residents    

Call us, maybe they are here!


Call us , that's what we do, help and rescue!

The Humane Society serving Crawford County


The Humane Society serving Crawford County is a non-profit
organization whose function and goal is to
'Improve Animal Welfare and to Provide Protection to all Animals'

An organization of dedicated volunteers, we assume the responsibility to
prevent cruelty and neglect to the animals of Crawford County and to
curb the over population of cats and dogs through education and action.





With the temps falling and the wind howling please keep your outdoor dogs in mind!!! Fresh water, extra food, lots of straw, a proper size dog house, and a windbreak is essential for outdoor dogs. It is much better if you can bring them in to an enclosed
shelter at least for the next few days! We have straw at the shelter for those of you
in need. Please people be careful outside the temps and wind chill the next few days
will be dangerous for you and your pets.






The shelter has acquired 14 Rat Terriers and will be receiving more. These animals
came from a local breeder who has become overwhelmed and has came to us for help. These dogs have been loved and like to be carried. They are accustomed to being
 in a crate and being let out daily. The shelter has given them a combo shot and
bordatella along with a worming.


Gus is a 1 year old, male, Boxer mix. Gus has lots of puppy left in him. He doesn't sit but does a little jump and
lays flat on the floor. He doesn't take
the treats to eat them, he plays with them.



Mike really cleaned up after his bath. He has chocolate ticking throughout his white. Although he is uncomfortable with us, Mike will adjust to what we need to do.


Peggy is skittish but so wants to be loved. She will lick your hand when you reach
out to her. Her ears to perk up but she mostly held them down on her first day
in a new place.





Chip was given a pink mohawk for his identification mark, it will wash out. He is scared but curious. He handled everything with much grace for an old guy. He will need an extra special adopter.




After Hours Emergency Number

The Humane Society Serving Crawford County
3590 State Route 98
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820

Phone: 419-562-9149        Email:       Fax: 419-562-8676