Adoption policy


Adoption Qualifications

To quality to adopt an animal from the Humane Society serving Crawford County (HSCC), the adopter must:

1.  Be at least 18 years of age;

2.  Be a resident of the household where the animal will reside:

3.  If a renter or not the home owner, have written permission from the land owner
     (with contact information) to have a pet.

Criteria for Adoption Refusal

1.  Gives inaccurate or misleading information on contract from the during the adoption process;

2.  Has a proven or extensive history of losing, giving away, selling or having animals injured or killed by
     moving vehicles;

3.  Has surrendered an animal to HSCC within the last 6 months;

4)  Has a known history of abusing or neglecting animals;

5.  Has not adhered to the spay/neuter requirements from a previous adoption contract from the HSCC,
     or has demonstrated reluctance to adhere to these same spay/neuter provisions;

6.  Plans to use the adopted animal for breeding;

7.  Plans to keep the adopted animal chained or kenneled outside 24/7

Adoption Agreement

All individuals adopting an animal must sign an adoption contract.

1.  By signing the adoption contract, the adopter agrees to:

        a.  Pay all posted fees;
        b.  Have the animal checked by a veterinarian within 7 days, at their expense;
                          ~~ The HSCC assumes no responsibility for treatment of sick animals;

        c.  Care for the pet at all times with proper food, water, attention to medial needs, and shelter,
        in a humane fashion;

        d.  Have the animal properly vaccinated on a yearly basis, or as specified by a veterinarian;

        e.  Have the animal spayed/neutered by the date specified on the adoption form, or as
        recommended by a veterinarian

                         ~~  Failure to do so will result in:  a) forfeiture of the animal to the HSCC, and/or (b)
                               a penalty of $250.00, plus all costs for attorney and court costs.

2.  If a resident of the State of Ohio, each person adopting a dog also agrees to purchase a current yearly dog
     license at the time of adoption:

        a.  Should the dog be returned to the Shelter, the dog license must accompany the dog, as a dog
        license stays with the animal. 

                          ~~ No refund for dog license will be provided.

3.  Furthermore, by signing the adoption contract, the adopter agrees that the animal is not to be given
     away as a gift, placed in another permanent home, sold for research purposes;

        a.  Unwanted animals must be returned to HSCC.  A 1-year replacement certificate will be issued
        to an adopter who returns an animal adopted from HSCC within 2 weeks from the date of the
        adoption for reasons deemed just by the Shelter director.