The Humane Society is the place to call if you have lost a beloved pet or have found a stray pet. Please call the shelter and we will take your information regarding lost or found pets and do our best to reunite pets with their owners. We share information and pictures on several social media sites as well as our Facebook page. With over 11,000 followers on Facebook, we have an extensive network that is very useful when trying to reunite lost pets to their people.

Each year there are stray pets that are not reunited with their owners because they do not have proper identification or because their owner waited too long to contact local shelters.  Having a collar with owner information, a microchip, and a current dog license on your pet will get your lost pet home faster to you. 

You should visit the shelter personally to look at all animals currently housed there and you should contact the shelter daily to follow up on your report. 

It is a State law that you purchase a license for your dog(s).  You may purchase a license here at the shelter, at the Crawford County Auditor’s Office or also at their online web page:


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The Humane Society Has My Pet - What Now?

If you have lost your pet and you think that they may be at the Humane Society, there are a few things you need to know. The Humane Society houses all the dogs brought in by the Crawford County Dog Warden as well as dogs brought in by individuals.

The most important thing to do is go to the shelter to positively identify your pet! Once identified, you can start the reclaim process. You will be asked to fill out the appropriate paperwork. If your dog does not have a license, you will be required by the Dog Warden's office to purchase a license for the dog. A reclaim fee of $25 for the first day and $15 for each day afer that will be charged to you. We only charge for the days we are open even though we will be feeding, cleaning, and caring for them every day!